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Company Profile

Digiic Is a one-stop electronic components, PCB, PCBA purchase service platform, as well as electronic project crowdsourcing platform, program sharing platform, which is invested and constructed by Jiangsu Digiic Network Technologies co., Ltd, The founder of the team members in the TI, ST, Infineon, Cypress, Onsemi, Rohm, NXP and other international first-tier manufacturers market, sales and technical work of the founder of the team, Experience, well aware of the current pain and future trends in the industry. Platform to use the Internet efficient docking upstream of the original resources, service agents and semiconductor factory to "design for electronic products to provide full incubation and services" for the mission, to build China's strongest technical support and the most complete local electronic components logistics Warehousing, for the majority of engineers and procurement staff to provide a full range, spot sales, strong technical support to protect the one-stop component procurement platform; and the use of platform resources, through the project crowdsourcing, program sharing module, the use of low-frequency Technical resources and human resources, and social products or program development needs of the company and individuals docking, to provide for the entry into the workplace engineers and students in the routine and case training and new product knowledge promotion.

Genuine guarantee, complete varieties!

A number of domestic and foreign factory authorized distribution, all products can guarantee the formal channels, the original quality!

PCB, PCBA, convenient and quick!

Online orders, convenient delivery, one-stop solution!

Project crowdsourcing, resource docking!

Electronic project outsourcing information publishing and receiving platform!

Program sharing, improve skills!

The aim of Digiic is to provide a shared and open cooperation platform for semiconductor electronic components, to attract high-end hardware and software technical personnel, to provide all possible conditions for the gifted and geeks to display their talents, to assist the introduction of talent and the introduction of external capital resources and market resources, and to help expanding the market. We are committed to the establishment of online version of the Silicon Valley in China and therefore provide a stage for Chinese‘Steve Jobs’ and ‘Elon Musk.

Technical support!

Strong international engineering consulting team to provide effective technical support!